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AVA Specialties

What Do We Do Best?

AVA's goal is always to set the bar for our industry: from guides and training to guest service, outposts and gear. We know, we might be tooting out own horn a bit. But otherwise how will you know? 

Over the 19 years we've been running trips, we've developed a few specialties at which we truly excel. So what are they?

Advanced Whitewater: 

AVA runs more people on Class IV and V whitewater rafting trips than any outfitter in Colorado. AVA runs over 60% of all the rafters that go down Pine Creek, the only Class V section on the Arkansas River. We are one of only a few outfitters to run the very specialized Gore Canyon on the Colorado and we have been doing so for 19 years. Our guides are highly experienced and many come work at AVA just because of our reputation for professional, Class V river running. See all Advanced Rafting trips.

Multi-adventure packages - Save Money & Time

Our Rafting + Zipline packages, Rafting + Rock Climbing and Zipline + Rock Climbing packages include activities that take place in one location. We have 2 zipline courses - our Cliffside Zipline in Idaho Springs  and Mountaintop Zipline in Granite/Buena Vista - right where our rafting trips take place. This saves you time, effort and money and lets you focus on the most important thing: quality fun and adventure with your family and friends. See all Packages.

Unique Trips

AVA has devleoped trips that are unlike any you'll find with other rafting or zipline companies. Check out rafting trips like the 3 Day Mild to Wild, the 24 Hours in Browns Canyon, The Numbers Wyldride and the 3 Days on the Upper Colorado River; or packages like the Gauntlet + Rappel + Zipline, the Mild to Wild Deluxe, the Browns Canyon Half Day + Zipline and more. 

Family Trips

AVA runs rafting trips from multiple Colorado locations, so we have a family level whitewater trip near you. Convenient, quality trips that feel great to book for your family. We have family-level rafting trips on 9 Colorado rivers! See all family trips. 

No Nickel and Diming

At AVA, we believe you should know what you're buying and how much you're going to spend. We believe in added value to make your experience special. We don't want you to feel "nickel and dimed" when you show up for your trip with us. That's why we provide wetsuits and splash jackets free of charge on all AVA-run rafting trips. You'll pay over $20 per person with some other outfitters - ask around as you're shopping for your trip. On our overnight rafting trips, all camping gear except personal sleeping bag is included. Rock climbing trips and zipline tours also included everything you need. We try our best to prepare you with gear lists and suggested things to bring so that you don't end up paying for unneeded add-ons.