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Off-Road Buggy Tour - "The Beast Experience"

Come explore the Colorado River headwaters region in our off-road buggy. We call our buggy, “The Beast” and when you hop aboard you will understand why. The Beast was specially designed to take up to 10 guests through our unique mountain environment. It has a 500 hp corvette engine and rides on a suburban chassis. Each guest is secured in a racing seat with a four-point harness (seatbelt). The custom, race-grade roll cage further protects you. It is the safest you will be in an auto of any kind. With our 40” wheels and nearly 3 feet of ground clearance we climb over obstacles. Our fully customized suspension ensures a fun and exhilarating ride.

We take you along historic roads, over remote mountain passes and into Colorado wilderness. Your guide will tell stories and jokes, play some music, and take you on the ride of your life. Some call it a roller-coaster ride in the wilderness. Enjoy the views and off-road excitement as Creek to Peak takes you to the summit of Little Wolford Mountain where you will enjoy a spectacular panoramic view. From there you will head to a 75 million year old fossil site. The site has ammonites, bivalves, gastropods and mollusks laying across the ground surface for you to find and photograph. Your off-road adventure continues into the Colorado backcountry where you may see antelope, mule deer, elk, coyotes, big horn sheep, as well as hawks and eagles. There is something in this adventure for everyone. Part exciting roller-coaster ride, part remote wilderness solitude.

Our Off Road Tours Experience

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