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Trip Lengths

Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting Trip lengths

AVA offers Colorado whitewater rafting trips in a range of different lengths, from quick trips that deliver a taste of the whitewater to day trips and multi-day trips that allow your whole group to become immersed in the river experience. 

We are happy to work with to figure out the perfect length for your needs.  If you are planning a Colorado vacation exclusively for the whitewater rafting or if you have a ton of other adventures planned during your stay, AVA can provide a trip that fits your schedule.

Our River Trip Lengths:

  • ⅓ day – The ideal option for travelers on a tight schedule. Short and sweet! Generally about 1 - 1.5 hours on the water, around 2 hours total trip time from checkin to finish. 
  • ½ day – A great way to try out whitewater rafting with plenty of time left in your day. Trips vary, but generally about 2-3 hours on the water, 4 hours total trip time.
  • ¾ day – When a ½ day just isn’t quite long enough! Approximately 3-5 hours on the water. 
  • Full Day – Experience everything the river has to offer with lunch provided midday. Trips vary, but generally 4-6 hours on the water. 
  • Two Day – The ultimate weekend getaway!  Camp riverside between two amazing days of whitewater.
  • 3+ Day – Your chance to escape from the daily grind.  Our multi-day packages are the best way to experience Colorado!

In addition to our whitewater excursions, we also offer a range of other activities that can be experienced on their own or packaged into a day of adventure!

  • 1.5 to 2 hour - Horseback riding, fly fishing, train rides
  • ½ day – zip lining, rock climbing, horseback riding, fly fishing, hot air balloon rides
  • Full day – fly fishing
  • Full day packages – multiple activities combined!
  • Rafting and zip lining
  • Rafting and rock climbing
  • Zip lining and rock climbing

Multi-day packages – Take your vacation to a new level!

  • Rafting and zip lining
  • Rafting and rock climbing
  • Pick the activities of your choice and camp at our Granite Outpost
  • Pick your activities and stay in the log cabin bunkhouses at our Granite Outpost

We’re ready to work with you to create the memories of a lifetime no matter how long you’ll be in Colorado.