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The Best 5 Fall Activities near Vail

What to Do in Vail in the Fall

In between peeping the color changes in the beautiful Vail Valley, we know you have to keep your family entertained throughout vacation. Yes, family vacations can be amazing; however, they can be very stressful for the person planning them. This guide is a great way to ease the stress of finding some fun activities in the fall with kids in Eagle County. Lets get straight to the point!

Here are five fabulously fantastic things to do in Vail.

1. The Betty Ford Alpine Garden

The Betty Ford Center is an awesome garden that is sure to make a fun and educational day for the entire family no matter what ages.

Fun fact: This is the highest botanical garden in the world located at 8,000 feet. Betty Fords Alpine Garden is open year-round.

Cost: There is no admission fee but they do accept donations.

This is a great area to learn about our local high-country agriculture in an awesome environment.

2. Imagination Station

The name says it all, the Imagination Station is a place for youth to use their inner fibers of imagination while on Vacation.

Vail Village: This location really is a hidden Gem located right in the Center on Vail.

Cost: With costs as low as $7.00 a day this is really a hands-on place to be creative.

There are lots of active play options including a light up table and building boards which get the gears turning inside any young mind. Also, a hyperbolic funnel models planetary motion, and a play wall designed to inspire a mind-body connection. They have mastered the art of hiding learning cognitive and social skills with fun filled activities.

3. Ice Skating

All families should include Ice skating in their itinerary. It is the perfect activity to get into the fall spirit.

Location: There are several locations to choose from all around the Vail Valley.

Starting on Thanksgiving Day, Vail Square will be open to make memories. Forget the hassel and rent your skates right there and  bring your smiles because this is sure to make a hallmark photo moment with your family.

4. Pirate Ship Park

The name alone should get the group excited for this massive playground. This Pirate Ship Park is amazing for a family day that is sure to be full of great memories.

Cost: This is a great way to save money as well as this is a free park.

Just pack a lunch and spend the day in this amazing location filled with a climbing wall, swings and of course a pirate ship.

5. The Public Library

Most people may forget about the public library and all it has to offer when vacationing, but it should not be over looked. When you’re traveling with Kids this location is filled with adventure in every page.

Cost: Free admission!

Pro tip: You have access to the printer with the first five pages free than only .20 cent for additional pages, in case you need to get something printed.

After a long day outside, it might be nice to stop by the library for a fun quiet hour with the family. Also, there is Gental Yoga for mom and story time for toddlers at this family friendly place!

Vail Valley is such an astonishing location to visit any time of year. Our lovely mountain towns always have activities weekly and monthly so be sure to read the Vail Daily to make sure not to miss any great on goings. These are great supplementary activities in addition to hiking, biking, fishing, and any other outdoor plans you may have. We hope you have a great vacation!