5 Secrets to Planning a Large Group Rafting Trip
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5 Secrets to Planning a Large Group Rafting Trip

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Group Rafting TripAre you planning a family reunion or a bachelor party and are looking for something exciting for the whole gang? Rafting makes for a great summer activity for all ages and abilities. With over 50 rafting trips, ranging in difficulty and scenery across Colorado, there is the perfect adventure just waiting for you! However, it can often prove difficult when trying to organize such an adventure with large groups. Below you will find 5 secrets to planning a large group rafting trip.

Plan Ahead

Book sooner rather than later to ensure that there is plenty of availability to accommodate your group needs and so that your preferred date is open.

Appoint a Leader

A group leader will be in charge of delegating tasks to other group members and making sure everyone is one on board with the adventure. The leader assigns tasks to individuals, or completes them his or herself. Things such as lodging and transportation to and from the outpost need consideration, so that your trip is a success. Having one person making the decisions versus several people is much easier to manager.

Ask for Group Discounts

Many rafting companies offer discounts for groups of 10 or larger. Be sure to ask, though, in order to secure the best deal for your group.

Communication is Key

Develop a way for mass communication (email chain, facebook group, etc), as it is important to keep everyone in the loop. Whether, it is trip information, lodging or some other needed details, this is a provem method of communication and will help with coordinating your vacation.

Create Deadlines

To avoid last minute changes, set deadlines. If members of your group want to raft, have them let you know “X” amount of days before you book, so that you have an accurate headcount. This philosophy is the same with lodging and transportation. Having deadlines forces people to make decisions and avoids confusion.

Group Rafting TripRafting is a great activity for all to enjoy. Whether, you are looking for a rowdy trip down Gore Canyon with your buddies or for splashy fun on the Upper Colorado, there is a rafting trip for all levels. Getting a large group together makes rafting all the better. However, the planning can often be exhausting, so follow these 5 secrets for hassle free trip planning.