7 Best Group Adventures You Can Do in Colorado
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7 Best Group Adventures You Can do in Colorado

a collage of whitewater rafting, UTVs, and ziplining

If you are looking for great group activities in Colorado this summer, you have a come to the right place. Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States that is uniquely seen by activities in our great outdoors. There is no better feeling than rappelling down a cliffside, sending a Class IV rapid, or landing a sweet jump on your mountain bike surrounded by loved ones with an awe inspiring backdrop. AVA Rafting & Ziplining offers a plethora of activities ranging from a relaxing fly fishing trip to high adrenaline whitewater rafting and many things in between. We have been in the business of safety and outdoor adventure for 20 years. We want veteran recreationists and first timers to have an amazing time with whatever activity is chosen, so we like to offer a lot. Doing these activities with people who will remember your adventure for years to come is a highlight when adventuring. Groups come in all shapes and sizes and we are here to give you the full breakdown on what we recommend for your tribe. Keep reading to see our top seven most popular activities to do with your group in the upcoming adventure season in Colorado this summer!


1. Ziplining

If you are looking to take a trip as soon as possible you will want to head to one of our outposts that offer Ziplining! Feel the rush of the wind on your face and feel your stomach drop when you step off that wooden platform. Why is ziplining great for your group, you ask?

  • A minimum of 4 participants are needed, but this is GREAT for groups up to 19!
  • Offered in Idaho Springs, CO 
    • Just 30 minutes from Denver
  • Offered in Buena Vista, CO
    • Minutes away from the most rafted river in Colorado.
  • This activity is 2 hours long, leaving plenty of time for other Colorado adventures.
  • Little ones who don’t weigh much can go on an adventure with an experienced guide.
    • (free babysitting, anyone?)
  • This is great for boosting morale and confidence in your group.
  • This is also great for anyone trying to get over nervousness around heights!

A woman ziplining with her right hand out in excitment

2. Horseback Riding

Is there anything more majestic then having a beautiful horse carry you through a jaw dropping backdrop? Connect with nature in one of the most natural ways possible by going horseback riding with your group! Horses have a long history here in Colorado, helping the people who call this place home in many, many ways. Learn a little something about the gateway to the Wild Wild West on your vacation! 

  • This is best for groups of 10-19 people.
  • Children as young as 6 may participate!
  • This activity is offered in Buena Vista, CO.
  • This activity is offered in Kremmling, CO.
  • This activity is offered for times ranging from 1-6 hours long.
  • For something a little more, ask about our Sunset Rides and our Waterfall Rides.
  • For our cowboy loving groups, ask about our cattle drive!

A group of three horses and riders crossing a river in the mountains

3. Fly Fishing

Do you have any anglers in your group looking for a fly fishing angle?! Aha, well do we have an experience for you! Our fly fishing trips are great for those novice members of the group to the most experienced. Fly fishing on the Colorado River is a life experience that should not be skipped!

  • This activity is best for groups of 5 to 10 people.
  • This fishy adventure will take about 2 to 4 hours depending on which option you choose.
  • Beginners will learn everything they need to know!
  • Experts will benefit from our guides’ knowledge of good fishing holes.
  • Everyone will benefit from not having to lug your gear.
  • Fish on the Arkansas River in Buena Vista or the Colorado River in Kremmling during a Fly Fishing Wade. This is best for beginners just getting their feet wet!
  • Fish on the Colorado River in Kremmling during a Fly Fishing Float and get the best of worlds of being on the water and fishing!

Three guys sitting on a fly fishing raft with mountains in the backgroundRemove featured image

4. Utility Terrain Vehicle Rentals

UTV stands for Utility Terrain Vehicle. These are a 4 seater ATV with a roll bar cage to make it that much safer for your group. Our UTVs are custom made and have an automatic transmission making your adventure that much more easy. The off roading trails in Kremmling are over 200 miles long spanning over 20,000 acres.

  • This would be best for groups of 8 to 12!
  • This activity is offered in Kremmling, CO.
  • There are either half day or full day rentals, 3 or 7 hours long.
  • Be prepared to get dirty! Pro tip: If getting dirty is not your jam, lead the pack!
  • Get ready to lose your breath with these views of the Gore Valley!
  • One person in the group needs to be 25 years of age with a valid driver’s license. 
  • All passengers must be at least 5’ tall.

Black and red UTV with Colorado mountains in the background

5. Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting is definitely a favorite amongst staff and guests alike. Rafting was the first activity offered by AVA for a reason. This activity is great for all walks of life from someone who wants a relaxing day on the water to someone who is prepared to swim after a rapid! Our trips take place on rivers with a whitewater rating from Class I-V. There are so many combinations of this activity, so be sure to find the one that fits your group the best.

  • This is best for groups of 10 to 50 people.
  • We do offer overnight rafting trips, which are some of our guests favorite memories.
    • This would be for groups of 10-19.
  • We offer rafting trips launching daily from all three of our outposts!
  • For a partial day of rafting head to Idaho Springs, Kremmling, or Buena Vista.
  • For a milder trip, head to Kremmling to soak in the beauty of the Colorado River.
  • For a wilder trip, rafting the lower canyon in Idaho Springs.
    • *Not suitable for children.
  • To have the experience of a lifetime, organize an overnight rafting trip for your group launching from Buena Vista, CO and Kremmling, CO.

A group of rafter on the Arkansas River with the Collegiate Peaks in the background

6. Mountain Bike Rentals

Our mountain bike rentals are a perfect way to see the sights! The most popular place to take our bikes is up to Georgetown and back to our rental shop in Idaho Springs. Be sure to check out the gorgeous lake in Georgetown and maybe even stop for a brew at Cabin Creek. If biking uphill isn’t in your group’s future, ask for a ride up the hill with one of our shuttles!

  • This activity is best for groups from 10-19.
  • This activity launches from our outpost in Idaho Springs, CO.
  • Take the bikes for a spin for a 3 hour half day rental or take them for a joyride for a full day 6 hour rental.
  • The downhill adventure from Georgetown to Idaho Springs is 25 miles of awesomeness.
  • With this adventure just being 30 minutes from Denver, it is a quick escape to the mountains!
  • This biking trip is fun and beautiful along an easy going bike path at the base of the Rockies!
  • Set your own pace with this adventure!

A man in a blue shirt biking on a path in Idaho Springs, Colorado during the summer

7. Via Ferrata

Our Via Ferrata adventure is something to write home about, 100%. This activity originated in the 19th Century allowing soldiers to cross mountains via iron bars placed in the rock. We have ramped up the intensity and put two of these on our perspective zipline courses. It’s a great way to bond with family or friends considering you all will be traversing a cliffside together. Get ready to cheer each other onto greatness!

  • This activity is best for groups ranging up to 19 people.
  • One location for this activity is in Buena Vista, CO.
  • The other location for this activity is in Idaho Springs, just 30 minutes west of Denver.
  • Get ready for a 10-foot rappel!
  • Choose to do the optional 40 foot freefall!
  • This a half day adventure leaving room to relax for the other half day or to even book another adventure with us!
  • This unique activity also includes some ziplining, as well!

A woman in an orange helmet holding on to iron rings in the cliffside

These are just some of the amazing activities that AVA Rafting & Zipline offers to you wonderful people! We strive to have something for everyone to satisfy that need for a rush of excitement, especially in today’s crazy times! Come to Colorado to get away from it all, and stay to adventure with us. These seven adventures really are just the tip of the iceberg to seeing and experiencing the wonders of this state. All of these groovy adventures can, of course, be combined! We want our guests to experience the best and most of Colorado as possible. Popular combined trips are the Raft & Zip and the Saddle and Paddle, where each half of the day is spent on the water and then on the back of a horse! Most of these activities kick off in May but Ziplining and the Via Ferattas are open now! Whatever adventures you end up choosing, we can’t wait to see you!