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7 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Rafting

Ziplining in Colorado

In my experience, spending time outdoors is enlightening and joyful. Every time I venture into the outdoors, whether it be hiking, rafting, skiing or biking—I feel a sense of peace and reflection. This is not the case for everyone but here at AVA, we value the outdoors and have learned some big life lessons from the world of rafting. Here are 7 life lessons we have learned from rafting.


1. No One can Do It Alone: Our Way of Saying There is No “I” in Team.

Much like life, rafting is a team sport. You have to pay attention to your guide and work as a team to steer the boat in the right direction. If one person isn’t paddling, it will be hard to achieve the goal of getting the boat away from rocks. In life, it is best to have a group of supportive and loving family and friends in order to be successful and not carry life’s burdens all alone.

2. Always Over Prepare: Get Your Ducks in a Row

This lesson may not be the most exciting, but it is true. When you go rafting, it is necessary to bring all the right supplies (see next lesson) and to mentally prepare for a fun and exciting day of hard work on the river. In life, having a list of things to do or mentally preparing yourself for your day can come in handy. You will be better prepared for the events of the day and may be able to add a fun task or activity to your list!

3. Safety Equipment: This is a No Brainer

We have learned to never take safety for granted. It is always better to wear warm gear, helmets and life jackets even on the flattest water. If you are an adventure junkie like we are, then this lesson applies to all of the fun things we love to do. Whether it is rafting, hiking, biking, etc. it is always a good idea to bring first aid kids and safety equipment.

5. Rivers are Unpredictable: So is Life.

Things can change in an instant and this lesson has taught us to be adaptable and roll with the punches (or rapids). It is easy to get stuck in a rut in life and then when things change, feel completely thrown off. If you keep in mind that life is unpredictable, you may be able to better prepare yourself for any changes up ahead.

6. Listening is a Must: Our Way of Saying, Be Quiet!

In rafting, you have to listen to and trust your guide. In real life, it is easy to talk, talk, talk but sometimes it is better to take a breath and let others express their feelings. You may be surprised by what you hear and how listening makes you feel! This will help you with lesson 1- being a team player- as well.

7. Face your Fears: And Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is always a good thing to challenge yourself. We find ourselves challenging ourselves all the time on the river– trying to navigate a rapid that has changed due to water levels, bringing new faces to rafting even if they are a bit nervous, etc. We find that even if you are a little scared of the bumpy water ahead, as long as you are prepared and safe, it is best to let go of your fears and have some fun! In life, it is always good to get out of your comfort zone and do something new! It will refresh your outlook on life and be a great story for years to come!

We hope you enjoyed these life lessons we’ve learned from rafting in Colorado. But, here is a Bonus Lesson:  Rafting is best served with a side of ziplining! Check out AVA’s Raft and Zip combo packages to save money and do more this summer! 



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