AVA’s Commitment to Your Safety Snow, snow everywhere! Colorado’s runoff so far has been beautifully slow and steady but with some (finally) seasonally warm weather things are starting to melt and the whitewater rafting in Colorado is getting to be exceptional. The trips so far have been awesome and fun. How high will the rivers peak? It is all dependent on how quickly the weather warms up and melts the snow. The white water rafting this year is going to be truly fantastic and legendary. If you go rafting in Colorado this year, you’ll be a part of history! And for the whitewater lovers out there, this is the time to get out and enjoy it. But for those less experienced in Colorado white water rafting – and all of our guests – we have your best interest and safety in mind at all times. As always, AVA is dedicated to the safety of our guests and to delivering exceptional, world-class experiences. As leaders in our industry, we have been proactively planning and training with our staff for a high-water year. Because we run so many sections on several rivers in Colorado, we can provide you with a wide range of trip options even when the rivers are high. Throughout the season, we’ll continually find the safest, most appropriate and most enjoyable experiences for you. Unlike many companies that only run one river, we have tons of family-friendly alternatives to trips that may become too high to run. With options on the Colorado River, Blue River, Clear Creek, Arkansas River and several others, we will be working hard this summer to find you the best and most appropriate trips. Not intimidated by lots of whitewater? There will certainly be some outstanding high-water trips for you this summer! The strong snowpack also means we should be able to run our Clear Creek trips and more of our advanced Arkansas River trips (plus all of the Brown’s Canyon rafting trips!) through Labor Day. We’re ready for a fun, exciting and safe season. Join us!