Another submission for best rafting story!
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Another submission for best rafting story!

From Shelly Wilson: My sister and I came up to Colorado to escape the oppressive heat of the South this past summer, and had a BLAST with AVA!!!! We stayed at one of the cute cabins in Granite, rolled right out of bed, got geared up (my sister luckily matching, phew!), and headed down to the river. I was sitting behind “one stroke too many” Mike, and my sister had “… See Morenot quite a full stroke” Darren in front of her, but with our fantastic guide Miles keeping us straight, we made it to the end having fun the entire way! I even survived my sister whacking me in the head (okay, really my helmet) with her paddle and my small slide down the bank while Miles got our raft through a particularly tricky part. So after swinging around rocks, tilting sideways (on purpose!) to get through a narrow chute, going backwards between rocks and hard places, getting whacked in the head, sliding down the bank, keeping my sister in the raft, arms aching from paddling against the wind, and having dreams of “forward 2, back 1,” I can’t wait to come back next summer!


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