Beat the Crowds With June Rafting
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Beat the Crowds With June Rafting

Whitewater Rafting Adventure in Colorado

June RaftingDeciding a rafting trip can be difficult if you have never been rafting or if you have never gone rafting at the location in which you are visiting. For instance, rafting in California and West Virginia have different peak rafting months than the rivers in Colorado. Colorado rivers are a little more unique because we are so close to the mountains that provide the water to go whitewater rafting on. This tends to make the river a little colder and a lot more dependent on the snowfall during the winter months. Furthermore, the weather tends to start really warming up around May and June creating some great early season conditions that not everyone is aware of.

July tends to be the busiest month for rafting in Colorado because it is the warmest, but with the sun comes the crowds. Rafting in early July can be quite overwhelming with the amount of people going rafting on any given day. The water will still be great, but what some people do not know is that the water is just as nice in June. This season, especially due to some late snow storms and rain in April, the rivers are running great.

Not only are the rivers at prime levels to raft on, but there are still some discounts available to those who are trying to beat the July crowds. If you happen to be planning a full day or overnight rafting trip from Monday-Thursday before June 21st, you can receive a 20% discount if you book before June 14th. That can add up to some considerable savings.

The weather has been splendid to start the month and will continue to get better as the weeks move on. Come and beat the crowds and get your rafting fix in today.

June Rafting