Best Fly Fishing in Colorado
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Best Fly Fishing in Colorado

Fly Fishing in ColoradoThe phrase “heaven on earth” only pertains to a few things in life, but I am about to tell you about one of them.  Serenity, beauty, and just straight contentedness will be upon you as you wade in the amazing Rocky Mountain waters. This is a one of a kind experience that will sooth every angler's soul as you test the waters one fly (and 1 rainbow trout) at a time.  

Arkansas River
This gem in the shadow of the collegiate peaks is sure to please, as you have so many fishing holes to choose from. The cool thing is the guys at Ark Anglers will take you where the fishing is hot! Just don't share this slice of heaven with your buddies when you tell them how big the fish are. From rainbow trout, cuthroat and brown trout, this part of the “Ark” is a fishermans paradise. Check out some of the good locals' spots on Colorado Rafting

Animas River
The section of river flowing from Durango to the New Mexico border has been classified as Gold Medal water, easily supporting populations of rainbow and brown trout 14–18 inches in length. The bends, log jams, boulders and eddies are prime spots to kiss the surface of the water with nymphs or streamers. One thing to keep in mind before you go: the Animas River runs through Southern Ute Indian reservation land in the south, and special permits are required to fish this section. The vista views and sparkling rainbow will make this one a trip to remember. 

Frying Pan, Crystal and Roaring Fork RiversFly Fishing in Colorado
The section of river between the high-mountain and tree-encompassed stunning  towns of Basalt and Aspen are loaded with trout nearly begging to be plucked out of the water by a well-placed cast. These four miles of riverbank are home to rainbow trout whose monstrous size requires a cooler, not a creel — ten-pound behemoths have been known to appear at the end of lines cast here. Test your skill with a rod on this section of river. If one gets away, there are many more willing to take the bait. A never-miss site is the spillway side of the Ruedi Reservoir Dam. The force of expelled water from the dam forces large insects to the bottom of the river. Fish in the area have learned to gorge themselves on these hapless critters, which makes for perfect cover when casting your own fly or lure. Fish: Rainbow trout, whitefish.

These are just a few of the most amazing fly fishing rivers in the great state of Colorful Colorado. Be sure to take your time choosing a river that is right for you, and don't be shy to ask for help. These local guides are incredible and know their stuff! Happy Fishing and good luck with all your future angling!