Denver just may be the perfect city for those looking for days of outdoor adventure, and nights of city night life. Test the limits of your physical and psychological endurance on one of the many rock climbing adventures available nearby, whether on massive spires of the flatirons or deep in the heart of boulder canyon. Start off the day warming up on some nice easy climb, and end the day hanging from overhangs and massive boulders as your skill and confidence progresses. Here are but a few of the amazing options within driving distance of Denver.

The Flatirons

The iconic Flatirons tower over the city of Boulder, stretching 10 miles along the western side of the city. Ranging from beginner to advanced routes, these cliffs offer a diversity of climbs for a variety of skill levels. The first Flatiron is known as a right of passage among local climbers, so ensure that you conquer a route up that one and prove to yourself that you are a legitimate climber. Great for families as well as expert climbers, you may either climb these with a guiding company or on your own (with a friend to belay you, of course). The views from the Flatirons are astounding. One can see for miles over the flatlands of eastern Colorado, over vast expanses of pastures and grasslands.

North Table Mountain/Golden Cliffs

Great for top roping, most routes on these cliffs are bolted well and easily accessible. The South and West face of these cliffs are excellent for colder months of climbing, given the extra sun that they receive. Climbing these cliffs in the colder months in the colder months is actually recommended in order to avoid the crowds of other climbers and hikers. These cliffs are very popular, so beware of polished rocks and worn anchors. These cliffs are probably the closes outdoor climbing to Denver, hence the high volume of traffic they receive. Most climbs here are around 60 feet, so this is a suitable place to get started out without any guiding, as there is no lead climbing required, and the short climbs offer a safe way for people to challenge themselves without too much fatigue.

Denver Bouldering Club

What could possibly be closer to Denver than IN Denver? A wonderful place for Denverites to meet other climbers, Denver Bouldering Club offers two locations in downtown Denver and in Englewood. Every climber needs buddies to climb with, and of course subsequently share beers with afterwards! The climbing community is a welcoming one, always willing to take along newcomers that are willing to learn and work hard at perfecting the craft. Master your skills and increase your strength 24/7 at either location, on several gradients and difficulties of routes. Routes are regularly changed, so no wall gets stale. Each location offers full amenities, with free WIFI, a food and gear shop, and workout areas. You have never climbed in such luxury until you have climbed at Denver Bouldering Club.