Remember the thrill when you first rode a bike as a child? If you are longing for a similar moment and enjoy biking as an adult; it is definitely a time for you to reward yourself with a biking trip in Colorado. Clear Creek offers tons of fun and exciting biking trails near Idaho Springs, only 30 minutes from Denver. Just right outside Denver there is a huge amount of places to escape in nature and take your bike. Here are some biking trails near Idaho Springs:

biking near idaho springs

Start of with a fun family trip at Echo Lake Trail. This is a 1 mile loop and it  is an excellent trail for a beginners and those with small children. Plus it is a good weekend getaway from the chaos in the city! You can park your car and get geared up at the Echo Lake picnic area. When on this trail, be sure to take your time to enjoy the majestic view of Denver Mountain Park and let go of any worry and stress!


For those who wants to check something of your bucket list but have been pushing it off , Scott Lancaster Memorial Trail can do the job just right. This 5 miles trail is mostly flat and easy but still challenging. This trail allows you check out the charming gold rush mining town of Idaho Springs from above. Park your bike and take a break from the trail and educate yourself with a  history lesson and grab a quick bite in town. On this trail, a  short portion of it cut into  the country road but the traffic is usually light. The trail also connects Idaho Springs and Floyd Hill.

If you are a thrill seeker and an adventurous individual, try challenging  yourself with Waldorf Road trail. This 5 mile long trail will introduce you to mile high club! The trail head starts you off at 9,600 feet, and as you heart rate goes up so does the elevation! This trail goes up to 11,400 feet! When you make it to the top, views of the Continental Divide are your reward. Light snow fall is possible in the summer on this trail because it is so high up so be aware of that. For more information and trail map, please visit

To ensure you are comfortable on your biking trip, be sure to dress properly for the weather . As we all know, you can experience very different seasons in Colorado in one given day. Some lightweight material and waterproof layers are ideal clothing.

With wide varieties of trails and obstacles, from family oriented to adrenaline junkies, there is plenty of awesome mountain biking close to Denver. Do not forget to check out these biking trails near Idaho Springs from AVA Rafting this summer!