Buena Vista is a great area to visit if you are one for activities around the water. It is that time of the year when the lakes lose their ice layer and the streams start to warm up with warmer weather. Abundant open water creates opportunities for recreation whether you want to fish, boat, or just enjoy the view.

The Arkansas River below Leadville runs right through Buena Vista. This is a great river for commercial rafting as well as fishing. The Arkansas River is not only the namesake for AVA Rafting & Zipline, it is also where we got our start as a rafting company back in the day. If you want to take advantage of the great whitewater rafting trips out of our original outpost all you need to do is give us a call 877-RAFTING or book online.

Fishing Near Buena Vista


Source: GoBreck.com

When you come to visit, check out the amazing fishing spots near our Granite Outpost. The most intense part of the Arkansas River near the Pine Creek section has the best fishing. The fishing is so good in this location that we can only run trips through Pine Creek during the morning to let the commercial fly fishing guides use the area.

Twin Lakes is another great place to visit if you enjoy the water or just the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and clear water. Located right below Independence Pass, northwest of Buena Vista, these lakes were created by glacial activity. The surface of Twin Lake covers 1,700 acres and gets as deep as 70 feet. There are two different boat ramps for access to the lakes, one on the east side of the lake and the other on the west side. These lakes are open to boaters, rafters, canoers, and just hanging out. The most popular forms of recreation around Twin Lakes are fishing, boating, having a picnic, hiking, camping, and just simply soaking in the scenery. If you’re planning on camping out here be sure you bring your warm layers, because even with summer day temperatures around the 80s, the nights can get down into the 30s in the middle of the summer.

Let us be your Colorado Guide at AVA. Give us a call and one of our sales agents will gladly fill you in on adventure activities in the area. We will help set up your vacation with activities from guided fly fishing tours to zip lining to whitewater rafting and other adventure activities.