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Check this out: Yampa River on Google Street View

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The Yampa River is one of the last wild rivers in the entire Colorado River Basin and recently,Google maps published the second 360 degree panoramic view of a river for the Yampa. The first river featured was the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. If you get a chance to take a trip on the Colorado River this year that goes through the Grand Canyon you will not regret it. Amazing rapids and spectacular side canyon hikes on the way down make this a life changing trip!  But, both the Colorado River and the images of the Yampa river are absolutely fabulous.

Scroll your mouse to zoom  in on certain parts of the Yampa river including views of Warm Spring Rapid, Thanksgiving Gorge, Tiger Wall, Steamboat Rock, Wagon Wheel,  the Confluence of Yampa and Green Rivers, Mitten Park and rapids near Split Mountain in Utah. If you wanna day dream about your rafting trip while the snow is still falling go take a look at Google Maps for a little while. You can literally get a view off all the great rapids and picture yourself there soon!

Check out the crazy rock formations and beautiful canyon scenery From Colorado through Utah! You can keep up with the Yampa River through google maps at any time!

Google maps just keeps getting better and better. While we are hoping that Google Maps might wanna do something like this for the Brown's Canyon on the Arkansas River with AVA Rafting & Zipling, we will just have to bask in the beauty of this one while we wait. 


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