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Chef Spotlight

chef daveAfter a long day of rafting or rock climbing it is almost guaranteed you will return to the outpost starving for food. If you are visiting our Granite Outpost this is not an issue as we are able to offer three meals a day and several snack food type items to help curve your craving for some carbs. Our Granite outpost has the capability of several hundred people each day thanks to our amazing cook, Chef Dave.

Chef Dave has been with AVA Rafting & Zipline since 2015 and has helped create one of the best outdoor menus one could ask for. This menus includes epic chicken fajitas with all of the fixings, classic steak and potato dinner to compliment a long day of outdoor activities, monstrous breakfast burritos for mornings on the go and a stellar cook out bound to rival the neighborhood block parties. Chef Dave came to us from Jackson, WY with a previous background as a private chef and catering chef which gives Dave the perfect mindset for creating large quantities of food while making sure each dish receives the love it deserves. Not only does Chef cater for our large groups and riverside meals, he also services our Whitmark Trails guests with eclectic Colorado cuisine that includes wild game with alcohol pairings. Chef Dave is one of the best in his industry and it shows while enjoying one of his handmade cookies or from-scratch spiced muffins.

Don’t miss your chance to get out on the water for some high adrenaline whitewater rafting and sizzling hot chicken fajitas this summer! For more info on food entrees and trip options feel free to give us a call at (800) 370-0581. Don’t be afraid to ask us about our vegan and gluten free options!chef dave