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Custom Trips with AVA

Whitewater Rafting Colorado

Trips with AVAAVA’s Colorado Rafting and Mountaintop Ziplining offers many different trips on multiple rivers. Our trips run at scheduled days and times and usually run with other groups booked on the same trip. If you are looking for more flexibility in planning your adventure, you may want to look into creating a custom trip.

Custom trips offer much more choices in terms of trip times and dates as well as the type of trip you would like to take. When booking a custom trip, all the details are up to you. You are free to choose any sections of whitewater offered by AVA as well as coupling whitewater rafting with ziplining or other activities we offer.

Wondering if a custom trip is the best option for you?  Custom trips require a minimum of 10 people, but they offer lots of flexibility.  You will have the option to choose what time you want your trip to begin and end as well as the date of the trip. Custom trips are also private so your group will be accompanied by your guides but will not include any other guests. In addition to private raft trips, custom transportation is also available so don’t worry about driving to the outpost as we can take care of transport as well.

Custom trips are ideal for those looking for a more intimate experience with their group only. For larger groups, there are many incentives to booking a custom adventure. Ask about setting up a booking link so that your guests can book themselves on your trip as the date draws closer. This will enable quick and easy booking and payment for individuals booking onto large-group custom trips.

Custom adventures are ideal for corporate functions, bachelor parties, weddings, family reunions, scout trips, and athletic teams. A group rafting trip helps promote team building and peer bonding among members. Learn to work together with your team or family as you paddle down the river tackling multiple sections of intense whitewater. Take these challenges to the real world for an experience your entire group will never forget!