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Earth Day: How We Support Rivers And Water Conservation

Earth Day Colorado River Water Conservation

Every year on April 22, Earth Day occurs. This national holiday marks the beginning of what many consider to be the beginning of the modern movement for preservation. When Earth Day first came about in 1970, Americans were guzzling gas in vehicles with V8 engines. The factories and vehicles were all blowing smoke and smog without thinking about legal regulations and consequences. Not to mention all of the conflict and controversy going on at the time with Vietnam winding down. Mainstream America had no regard for the environmental issues at hand and Earth Day capitalized on funnelling the anti-war energy toward environmental concern.

Here in Colorado with Earth Day coming up we need to be aware of our rivers. With the state’s constant demand for tap water our rivers our being affected. The river that is most impacted is our beautiful Colorado River. Water levels on the Colorado River are not as affected here in Colorado but the river is just a small trickle by the time it makes it to the ocean. Currently there are a lot of billion dollar plans being developed for tapping the water out of our rivers. Not only do these plans cost billions of dollars, these plans for tapping facilities will do nothing but harm to our rivers, wildlife, and environment, not to mention raise our water bills.

Being aware of conservation efforts for the rivers in Colorado is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. It is important to keep in mind that water is a resource that is not only valuable for the state’s recreational economy, but for hiking, camping, and everyday activities nearby. If you are interested in water conservation efforts you can reach out to Governor Hickenlooper and the Colorado Water Conservation Board as they are working on a water plan.  Water conservation in this state is important for our rivers, wildlife, environment and all of the industries that depend on the rivers.

As long as the water is plentiful AVA Rafting will be running trips. Be sure to book your trip today to take advantage of the recreational river activities and enjoy the beautiful environment here in Colorado.