Family safety first–Thanks!
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Family safety first–Thanks!


My family and I went rafting with AVA this past Saturday afternoon and I would like to recognize the outstanding performance of Johnson.  This was our first rafting trip and my wife, our sons (8 and 13), and myself were the only four occupants of the raft.  Throughout the trip Johnson’s primary concern was for the safety of Collin (our 8 year old son).  Johnson had Collin sit in the back of the raft near him and during the middle of the trip strongly emphasized the outcome if the rest of the family did not improve our paddling efforts.  All of which my wife and I really appreciate.  Additionally, Johnson was very knowledgeable about the area, very easy to speak with, and enhanced our overall rafting experience.  We had a great trip and look forward to returning next year.

Thank you,

Kevin and Valeri Reynolds