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Father’s Day Adventures

father's dayThis years Father’s Day will be Sunday June 19th to celebrate fatherhood and paternal bonds.  You can start the day off right and show the paternal figure in your life that you care by whipping up a delicious breakfast in bed.  After a tasty meal it’s time to get on out there in the beautiful outdoors!  Summer is here folks and there are so many activities to do that we’ve narrowed it down to help you find what your father, grandfather, godfather or whomever will enjoy the most.

Rock Climbing: Hang from natural rocks under the guidance of an experienced, fun rock climbing guide.  Learn what type of gear is appropriate for rock climbing, the best routes to take, the lingo, and take in the breathtaking views of the Arkansas Valley and nearby Collegiate Peaks while challenging yourself.

Fly Fishing: If your pops is the quiet type and likes his peace and quiet in nature, the art of fly fishing is a challenging and fun hobby to take up.  Experienced guides will let you in on their tips and tricks as you master your cast to try for some alpine trout.

Rafting: For anyone who likes riding on the waves of adventure, rafting is the summer sport for them!  Whether you want a scenic ride taking in the views of snow capped peaks and wildlife or are looking to fight rapids while snow melt water splashes at you from the river, there’s a rafting trip for everyone.

father's dayTreat that special person in your life to an incredible, adventure-filled day outside among the wildflowers and whitewater rapids.  Give us a call at (877)-GORAFTING and speak to one of our adventure experts for more information on all that you can do.