Giving Back, River Style
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Giving Back, River Style

So if you don’t follow us on Facebook (and you really should…you’re missing out), you probably missed our giving campaign during the holidays.

For every new “like” our AVA Facebook page got, we donated $2 to Save the Colorado, a phenomenal organization based in Fort Collins, CO dedicated to protecting the Colorado River and its tributaries. From ranching interests to drinking water, recreation (like colorado whitewater rafting) and protecting and preserving ecosystems, Save the Colorado balanced a ton of interests.

In the end we donated $100!  Talk about easy – no money out of your pocket. All you have to do is hit the “like” button or encourage your friends to “like” us and we donate the cash.

This kicks off a quarterly drive on our part to donate for every new like our AVA whitewater rafting and zipline page gets. So starting with this quarter (Jan 1- March 30) we will donate $1 for every additional person that likes our page. It’s so easy for you to help us give…

This quarter’s recipient will be the Colorado River Outfitters Association.  This non-profit organization not only promotes the activity of rafting in Colorado but speaks for Colorado’s river outfitters to protect the river recreation industry in Colorado. During the gigantic battle for the “right to float” (THIS IS STILL GOING ON, by the way), CROA was front and center in the fight to keep private landowners from banning people on rivers that run through private property. They spent almost every cent of the organization’s money making sure recreation on our state’s rivers is protected.  Thank you, CROA!

And seriously, if you don’t already like us on Facebook, do it now. We give away tons of cool stuff, like t-shirts, hats, water bottles and whitewater rafting and zipline trips!