Hiking near Buena Vista, Colorado
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Hiking near Buena Vista, Colorado

Buena Vista Colorado Fall Hike

If you’re looking into hiking in the Buena vista area you’re in luck! Buena Vista offers hundreds of miles of of world class hiking terrain. First and foremost hiking can be dangerous, with off guided hiking make sure to bring the right equipment and a buddy to ensure safety, especially on hikes you are not familiar with. Proper foot wear, a cell phone or device with GPS, water, sunscreen, proper layers and snacks are always great accessories to bring with you when hiking in Colorado! Here are some of the various hikes in the Buena Vista area near AVA Rafting‘s Granite Outpost.


Hiking near Buena Vista

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Our first recommendation is Mt. Princeton, which is known to a lot of locals around Colorado as being a more difficult hike. Not for the faint of heart but beautiful when you get to the top! This is a 6 miles hike one way so be prepared before setting out. This is the 18th highest peak in Colorado, no water around either so bring a cantine.

Next up on the list of Collegiate Peaks to hike is Mt. Yale, This trip is also on the more difficult side. It’s about 4 miles one way. This peak is 14,196’ and must be hiked with some serious will to get to the top! Start during sunrise to ensure a cool trip, bring a water bottle and maybe a man’s best friend on this one (dog).

Last but not least is Mt. Havard. This is the 3rd highest peak and a 7 mile hike. I would advise camping and making this an overnight experience if you can, this difficult hike will leave you with a great reward once you accomplish it. Camping below timberline is recommended.

You can also connect to the Colorado Trail close to Buena Vista. This is a moderate trail. This hike is good for people that are looking for a longer hike but not too severe. It is about 7 miles each way and makes for one great day hike trip. You will be sure to see some great views of the Arkansas valley.

And if you are interested in fishing at the end of your hike, check out Brown’s Lake. This is an outstanding trip for the fishing lover. This hike offers beautiful views of waterfalls during the 6 miles to the lake. This may be a great trip do as an over night if you’re looking for a more leisurely hike. Don’t forget to bring your fishing pole, the lake makes for some great catches!

These are just a few of the hikes in the Buena vista area. Once you get to the top of these peaks bring your camera, you’re going to want to remember getting to the top! With shorter hikes, long hikes, intense hikes and overnight hikes you will have a enough options in the Buena Vista area to really experience hiking Colorado mountains.