Colorado, like other western states, was founded, settled, and tamed by frontiersman. That time in history has long since passed, but the spirit of their bravery and drive can still be captured today. Colorado is home to pretty much every outdoor activity imaginable, from skiing to biking to zip lining to ATVing; regardless of what your vacation whim is you will find a means to achieve it in Colorado. There is one throwback to the frontier days gone by that is found all over the state. I’m of course referring to Horseback Horseback RidingTrail Riding.

You can relive the age of the frontier with horseback trail rides regardless of your skill or experience level. Colorado really does offer options for everything. Would you like to rough it for a week on a dude ranch? Colorado has multiple. Would you like to camp out under the stars while accompanying a real life cattle drive? You can do that in Colorado. Both of these options seem a little bit extreme for you? Never fear, AVA has a slew of trips to meet your horseback riding needs.

Horseback RidingFrom the legendary Mount Princeton stables to trail riding ski runs on Breckenridge Resort above town to enjoying the beautiful scenery that Fairplay offers, AVA has a horseback trail riding option for you. With trips that can accommodate 3 year olds or trips offering 6 hours in the saddle exploring one of Colorado’s hidden waterfalls, you’re sure to find a horseback riding memory to last a lifetime. Neither of these seem like what you’re looking for? Inquire about the sunset trail ride, which makes for a perfect romantic evening away from it all. All these offerings are just a sample of the majestic horseback adventures you can find when you book a trail ride with AVA today!