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How a Guide can Take you to the Secret Spots of Rocky Mountain National Park this Summer

Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking Trips
By: Cody Metras

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most beautiful and iconic national parks in the United States. From the towering mountains to clear alpine lakes and sub-alpine forest, this park offers a diverse and beautiful destination to plan a hiking or camping trip. Though the park is very large and diverse, it is also one of the most visited in the country. To the untrained adventurist, it may be very difficult to find areas of the park that no one else knows about. This is where your park guide comes in to play. Guides in Rocky Mountain National Park know exactly where to lead you to find wildlife, exclusive views, and secluded back-country camping.

Why you’re going to want a guide for your next trip. 

1.) Topographic Maps 

When training or aspiring to be a guide in any wilderness area, it is essential that you know landmarks, waterways, and trails in that area like the back of your hand. Rocky Mountain National Park guides study maps to find the best places to take guests looking for a remote adventure. They also do this to ensure that they know exactly where they are in the case of an emergency. This solves the problem of safety and ensures the perk of remote exclusivity. This is especially prevalent in overnight trips where camping is prohibited in certain areas and knowing your exact location is essential.  

2.) Experience 

The best way to learn any area or activity is to experience it for yourself as many times as possible. Rocky Mountain National Park guides have a passion for the area and experience with the dozens of private hikes they have led. This allows them to find the beautiful un-mapped locations within the wealth of land of the park to help others experience those trails and locations as well. These areas are extremely difficult for the untrained or inexperienced hiker and are impossible to find on most maps. If you are trying to get the most out of your experience of the park, hire a guide to take you to these exclusive spots.  


We know how guides know so much about the park, and how they take you to the most remote and beautiful areas. Now the question is, “Why do I need to hire a guide?” Well, there are a few answers to this depending on your experience level and what you are looking for in a trip.

  • The first, and most important would be your safety. National Park guides are equipped with gear and training that is essential in emergency situations. This would include GPS tracking, first aid kits, and wilderness first responder training.
  • The investment in this gear and training alone would pay for your guide in Rocky Mountain National Park for years to come. This is all at your disposal by booking a guided tour. Gear expense that you can avoid by booking a guided tour would be overnight backpacks, portable stoves, nonperishable food items, and many more expensive items that make a guide well worth it.
  • The next why, also mentioned above, is to gain a remote and exclusive experience. It is difficult to get away from people in highly trafficked national parks. Your guide will ensure that this happens.   

As you can see, there is a lot to learn to be a hiking guide in Rocky Mountain National Park. There are also a lot of reasons why you should hire a guide. Safety, and the cost of gear alone are enough of a reason to book a guide for an exclusive and worry-free trip. Make sure to call up a guide for your next trip to Rocky mountain National Park.  

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