How to Plan for Your 2016 Rafting Trip
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How to Plan for Your 2016 Rafting Trip

Whitewater Rafting in Colorado

Rafting TripWhen planning your ultimate 2016 Colorado adventure, there seems to be an endless number of places to visit, things to see and activities to do. Colorado offers amazing scenery year round. From hosting five of the twenty highest mountains in the United States to curious wildlife, Colorado truly is one of the most majestic states to visit. Over the summer months after the snow begins to melt and the slopes close, white water rafting and hiking become king. The state of Colorado boasts over fifty 14ers for mountaineering and 158 named rivers with over 100,000 miles of flowing water. Here is the best way to plan for your 2016 rafting trip that is sure to leave a lasting memory.

When preparing to book your ultimate rafting trip you will want to consider all of the ages in your party. Our intermediate to advanced rafting trips require everyone to be at least fifteen years old not only due to the physical limitations that some may have but the mental maturity to be able to react correctly in the event of a highside or self rescue situation. You will also want to consider the parties’ physical fitness, as not all of our trips are family friendly. If you are not a strong swimmer who is able to run a mile, you may not want to consider an advanced trip.

Rafting TripAfter you have narrowed down what level you are participating in, you will want to consider the length of your trip. Here at AVA we are able to offer multi-day, full day and half days at every skill level, allowing any group to have a truly memorable experience. The final thing you will want to consider is which river you want to raft. Each river has its own scenery and experience and offers its own truly unique experience.

For information on the seven different locations we operate out of, feel free to give us a call at (800) 370-0581 to speak to any one of our Colorado experts. Rafting season is set to begin on April 30th for the 2016, but here at AVA we will be offering several other activities before the rivers begin flowing.