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More rafting giveaways

If you’ve been checking in regularly, you’ll probably remember that we posted some rafting giveaways through a few local bloggers.  We also ran a Facebook campaign where we gave away a free rafting trip.

But the fun’s not over – we’ve had two more great rafting giveaways by local bloggers:

Check out Lynne’s blog, lgsmash. Lynne has been rafting before, though not with AVA, and she will be posting again after she goes rafting with us, but in the meantime read her original post!

Also check out Lauren’s blog, Oatmeal after Spinning. Lauren will be rafting with us for the first time and posting about her experience, so be sure to stay tuned!

Wondering how the conditions are holding up?  We are still running all three main rivers – Clear Creek, the Arkansas River, and the Colorado River – so if you’ve been putting off rafting this summer, get out there already and enjoy.  And check back with Lynne and Lauren to reach about their experiences rafting with AVA.