So, you’re taking a vacation in the great United States. Do you feel the need to enjoy the best American whitewater this country has to offer? Well, if that be the case, you have almost too many options to choose from! With so many national parks, pristine natural landmarks, and breathtaking scenery, it can be a little overwhelming when making a decision! By breaking down each of these notorious Colorado whitewater rafting experiences, it may be easier to determine which of these famous rivers are for you and your rafting group!

ARKANSAS RIVER in Granite/Buena Vista

Whitewater in the USA

To get the premium rafting out of the Rocky Mountain area, you must check out the famed Arkansas River. Considered the heart of Colorado’s whitewater rafting world, this river is based out of the Buena Vista area, a town which literally means “Beautiful views”- and with scenes of the Collegiate peaks and the Gore mountain range, it is easy to see why!

The Arkansas River can also meet any rafting needs of families and adventurers alike. From the glorious Browns Canyon section, which is a class 3 beginner trip, to the high-adrenaline class 5 Gauntlet section, this river can accommodate anything and everything in between. While you’re rafting along this infamous river, you might want to check out the Mountaintop Zipline course in Granite so you can get the most out of the beautiful views!

GORE CANYON on the Colorado

This particular section of the Colorado River stands out from the rest. Not only is it listed in the most advanced whitewater in the great US of A, but it also is a favorite of the US National Women’s whitewater team for practice! This expert section of the Colorado River cuts through the stunning Gore mountain range in a sharp, fast, and technical manner. This trip is meant for serious rafters with experience only, and requires a swimming test, flip drill, and personal re-entry to the boat (all in a class 3 rapid section) to be passed before you can enjoy the once in a lifetime whitewater experience. So if you want to gain some serious rafting bragging rights, then Gore Canyon is definitely for you!

GRAND CANYON Colorado River in Arizona

Whitewater in the USAWhat could be better than rafting through the most popular and renowned American National Park? The Grand Canyon has been a rafting hotspot for generations, and continues to run strong and proud today! This trip is one of the most notable scenic floating trips around, as it takes you through sections of the Grand Canyon National Park that are only accessible by river. Talk about exclusive! With trips lasting between 3-6 days on the water, this whitewater experience is perfect for those who want a relaxing, extended vacation in some of the most immaculate scenery in this country!