New Year's Resolutions from AVA
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New Year’s Resolutions from AVA

According to several staff members, New Year’s cannot come fast enough. With multiple beloved celebrity deaths, a rollercoaster of an election and the tragic loss of America’s favorite gorilla, people are ready to leave 2016 behind. Bring on 2017!

Ryan, our Sales Manager for AVA, has said he wants work on having as much fun as he can and spend as little as he can. Ryan is a bit of a concert chaser. He has even traveled to the Dominican Republic for shows before! Obviously that isn’t cheap, so maybe Ryan will take advantage of the fun waiting in his Colorado backyard.

Our Assistant General Manager, Allison, would like to take advantage of her close proximity to the ski hills and go skinning more. Skinning is a method of ascending a snowy mountainside by attaching climbing skins to the bottom of alpine skis or splitboards.Once the ascent is complete, the skins are removed so you can ski, or snowboard if you used a splitboard, back down the mountain in the wonderful, fresh snow.

Cory, our lead zip guide, would like to spend more time outdoors. If you know Cory at all this may make you chuckle, as he tends to spend most of his time outside already. Cory is used to the faster things in life, including both of our zipline courses. 2017 promises more rock climbing and deep-water soloing for Cory.

One of our trip specialists Lauren would like to focus on eating healthier and be more active. As a former athlete, this shouldn’t be a tough task for Lauren. She’s looking to find a softball team to join in Breckenridge to use the skills she still possesses.

What are you hoping to achieve in the new year? If you’re looking for more adventure in your life, look no further! AVA Rafting & Zipline offers a variety of activities, including whitewater rafting, ziplining, horseback riding, off-road tours, hot air ballooning and more! Call to find the perfect adventure for you: 877-RAFTING (877-723-8464).