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Other Colorado Boating Options

Colorado BoatingAVA offers a wide array of whitewater rafting, but what if you are looking for other Colorado activities to enjoy on the water? Even in a land-locked state there are many options to still get out there and enjoy a on the water!

Colorado offers plenty of marinas and bodies of water for boating. Many of these reservoirs serve as water sources for the plains east of the mountains, so make sure you check what is and isn’t allowed at each reservoir before you go.

Probably the most popular reservoir destination is Green Mountain reservoir, with the Heeney Marina serving has the main access point to the water.  Green Mountain is known as the place to go to motor boat, wakeboard, waterski, camp and swim.  In addition to boating, the lake is popular with anglers, who catch rainbow trout, lake trout, brown trout, and kokanee.

If you’re more into sailing, Dillon Marina is your sailing mecca in the high country. Right off of Interstate-70 is Lake Dillon. Surrounded by four premiere ski resorts, Lake Dillon is the area’s celebrated attraction in the summer. In addition to sailing, Lake Dillon is a great destination for kayaking and canoeing.

Close to Leadville, Turquoise Lake offers pristine waters for sailing, float fishing, and even waterskiing, all surrounded by stunning mountain views. After a day on the water, camping by the lake and enjoying the solitude makes for a perfect evening.

Colorado BoatingLake Granby, Shadow Mountain, Monarch, Grand Lake, Willow Creek Reservoir, and Meadow Creek Reservoir make up the “Great Lakes of Colorado’ and are located next to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Between the six lakes, there are plenty of motorized and unmotorized boating options including speed boats, ski boats, pontoon boats, kayaks and even paddle boats (options vary from lake to lake).

Looking for a river instead of a lake? Stand up paddleboarding is available through AVA on the Colorado River and provides a unique way to experience the rapids of the “Upper C”.  Balance on a wide surfboard while steering with a single, long paddle as you splash through Class II rapids.

Enjoy Colorado’s lakes and rivers in variety of ways!