Our Favorite Rock Climbs in Colorado
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Our Favorite Rock Climbs in Colorado

Rock Climbing in Colorado

If you enjoy being in the outdoors and want to get away from it all, rock climbing may be the activity for you.  Guided rock climbing tours under an experienced and knowledgeable rock climbing guide are the way to go whether you’re an experienced rock climber coming out to Colorado for the first time or have never been in a harness before.  Rock climbing provides an entirely different perspective at looking at the landscape as well as meditative time focusing on the next spot to grip the rock.  Regardless of your ability, these quintessential Colorado rock climbs should be on your bucket list.  Hone in on your rock skills with a guided rock climbing guide before you tackle the following climbs.

Rock Climbs in ColoradoBlack Canyon of the Gunnison National Park:  Take a scenic drive from Denver, catch photos of majestic 14,000 foot peaks, and squeeze in an epic rafting trip or ziplining tour on the way there at our Granite outpost.  With nearly 3,000 vertical feet of rock to explore, this deep, dark canyon overlooks the Gunnison River.  There are over 140 documented routes so the options are endless and you can start your epic climb from the canyon floor!  It is required that you check in with the ranger station for safety precautions.

Swissco Rock Climbing:  This scenic route is found in Idaho Springs, a quick 45 minute drive west of Denver.  With waterfalls, boulders, and greenery you’ll need to work hard focusing on your climb rather than the scenery.  As this is a secluded rock climbing route that is at high elevation, snow tends to be stubborn and doesn’t leave until mid to end of summer so NOW is the perfect time to tackle this climb!

Carter Classic:  With small crystals in the granite and epic views of the mountains surrounding the small town of Buena Vista, this is a selfie worthy rock climbing route.  There is a bit of hiking so plan accordingly and the exposure is awesome on this trip.

Take part in an adventure and conquer one of Colorado’s favorite summertime activities!  You will not be disappointed with the breathtaking views and feeling of accomplishment.  For further instructions on Rock Climbs in Coloradorock climbing, call us at (877)-RAFTING and we’ll help you plan a safe, fun, and epic adventure!