Our favorite Spring Whitewater Rafting Trip
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Our favorite Spring Whitewater Rafting Trip

Rafting Near Breckenridge Colorado

By: Bailey Reker

We the people at AVA love a thrill. If you are not an adrenaline junky then this rafting trip may not be your favorite!

Our favorite rafting trip in the Spring can vary depending on how much snowfall we received in the previous months. If we are able to get a good snowpack in the early months of Winter then we absolutely love rafting the canyon on Clear Creek.

Clear Creek Canyon

Located in Idaho Springs, Colorado, this is the perfect trip for those visiting from Denver and looking for a serious Spring thrill.

Colorado Rafting

This is one of our best family trips, but don’t worry we have sections of the river that are for thrill seekers too! Whitewater rafting  near Idaho Springs provides a unique introduction to summer in Colorado and makes your spring break unforgettable.

This year is going to be a great spring in Clear Creek Canyon because our snow pack is well above average, so pack your bags for a spring rafting trip in the Clear Creek Canyon for 2019!

Snow Pack

What is snow pack?

Snow pack is the accumulation of snow through the winter in the mountains that once melted becomes the raftable water in the rivers in Colorado.

Snow pack history

In the Winter of 2017, we did not get much of a snow pack in the early months which therefore effected our rafting on Clear Creek for 2018. The water levels just were not high enough to create thrilling rapids. In the case of a low snow pack for spring trips, we would choose our overnight rafting trip on Brown’s Canyon because this water flow is controlled by a dam and is much more consistent because of that!

If we are able to ignore the fact that our favorite Spring rafting trip is heavily impacted by our snow pack then it is by far our top choice! It is unfortunate that it can be so hit or miss but that makes it even better in a way because when the water level is high it makes the wait worth it for this rafting trip!

That is why this year, we are picking this for our top Spring trip, because we know the white water will be great due to the snow we have been getting all season long!

Clear Creek Colorado

The canyon on Clear Creek is such a thrilling ride there are class 4 and 5 rapids when the water level is high enough. This stretch of water can be very intense so we do not recommend it for children or anyone with health problems.

If you choose to go on this adventurous ride you will be given a guide that has hundreds of miles of experience on the river. Your guides are full of knowledge on the rapids and are also equipped with rescue equipment if that were to become necessary.

Sometimes we only run the canyon for 2 months out of the year so give us a call ahead of time and make sure that we are running this stretch of river before you get too excited! Once the water drops too low we can’t run the canyon because it can become far too risky and dangerous.

Brown’s Canyon

Located in Buena Vista, Colorado, this is the perfect trip for those willing to go a little farther from Denver for an authentic Colorado rafting experience.

This is our mot scenic trip in the beautiful Brown’s Canyon near Buena Vista, Colorado. Not many people get to sleep in the depths of the national park and get unbelievably tasty breakfasts lunch and dinners prepared for them, while tackling fun rapids! This is the trip of a lifetime for your spring vacation.

Arkansas River Rafting

Like I mentioned,we always have a great alternative at Brown’s Canyon! This trip is great for people that are looking to get a full experience in Colorado because it is a camping and rafting trip!

This is our favorite trip in the late summer when Clear Creek water starts to dwindle and we are still spending days on the river. The guides are also with you at all times, it is really a great overall experience. The rafting trip is epic too!

Spring is a great time to go rafting because you can catch peak snow melt for the most fun rapids. We highly recommend planning your next rafting trip between late May and early June! There is still great rafting after early June but for an epic Spring trip that is going to be the best time frame.

For more information on booking a spring rafting trip, check out our trip finder!