Phoenix River Trip Highlight
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Phoenix River Trip Highlight

Colorado Whitewater Rafting

Phoenix raftingAs the snow begins to melt and your mind begins to race with thoughts of a summer vacation to a small island in the Caribbean, you do not want to miss out on your chance to experience the majestic landscapes and curious wildlife in the Rocky Mountains. Colorado offers some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world with the rolling green hills of the front range, 14,000ft mountain peaks and raging creeks and rivers. The best way to experience Colorado’s landscape is by joining a whitewater trip as you will head through rich valleys, steep granite canyons and will be nestled up in the mountains. The one trip I cannot recommend enough is our Phoenix full day rafting trip as you will have an opportunity to experience it all!

Our Phoenix full day trip will take you from above Idaho Springs to just a few miles outside of Golden on this world class 20 mile trip. The Phoenix full day trip incorporates all three of our runnable sections of Clear Creek and includes some of the best BBQ in the state. Start the trip in the Idaho Springs whitewater park surfing some rapids before dropping into the class IV Upper Clear Creek section. Once we the waters begin to die down a bit and we enter the Gold Rush Class III section we will promptly pull into a quiet picnic area for some riverside BBQ provided by Smokin Yard’s BBQ. Now that you a stuff full of brisket and pulled pork you will travel another 3 or so miles on the class III whitewater before tackling Beaver Falls one and two (five and six foot waterfalls). Now that your food is digested and the water has picked up to a Class V level you will charge through Hells Half Mile finishing up at the bottom of our lower canyon trip.

If class V may be too intense or a full day might be to much time on the water for you give us a class (800) 370-0581 to request info on river trips across the state of Colorado as well as some surrounding states. Have a great rest of your winter and book soon to assure your spot for this 2016 season.