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Planning a Business Trip to Denver – What You Need to Know

Denver Colorado

Denver, Colorado is one of the most popular destinations in the United States for vacation, beauty, and family fun. But, you might be surprised to find out that Denver is becoming even more popular for other genres.

Denver is very highly rated in the business sector. This beautiful and historical city has the best business facilities in the United States. There are beautiful hotels that will accommodate a couple of dozen guests, to several hundred guests. The business hubs have state of the art equipment, conference rooms, banquet halls and more.

Businesses booming in the area

Denver has always been a city for the rich and famous. The city is near the mountains, and 200 mountain peaks are visible from the city. Skiing, winter sports, historians, wildlife lovers, fishermen and more are drawn to the area.

In recent years, Denver has become a mecca for the medical field. It continues to rate in the top 50 medical cities in the nation. Due to the luxury hotels, cabins, and chalets in the area, many people seek out Denver to recover from injury. Click here for more details on specialists treatments.

Denver Business Trips

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Why Denver?

Denver is the perfect choice for business meetings. The downtown area is “walkable.” This means the need for additional transportation is limited. The city has a lot to do. Visit museums, take in an opera, or go to the mountains for some fly-fishing.

There are beautiful 5-star hotels where you will be comfortable housing your largest client. Denver has an extensive park system. They even own their own herd of buffalo. The city is built “green.” and you will feel comfortable enjoying the natural resources, knowing that you are not leaving a huge carbon footprint.

Finer hotels arrange luxury pick-up service from the airport to their establishments. However, shared taxi and car rental are also popular options.

Making your plans

Denver makes it easy to use their city for your event. Below we will give you a few tips to help make your trip a success:

Professional help

The biggest problem you will have while arranging a business trip to Denver is there is too much to do in the area. To help make plans, reservations, and to simplify the process, hire a professional event planner. Your hotel will probably have a recommendation.

Plan early

When you are planning a trip to a major city, you need to make arrangements early. Depending on the time of year you travel, there could be limited space available. Here are some things to consider.

  • How many guests will be attending?
  • How many hotel rooms will you be blocking and how will you guarantee them?
  • Are you providing all meals and transportation?
  • What equipment will you need for the actual meeting?
  • Will you need space for vendor displays?


You may choose to cater your dinner and have it served in the hotel dining areas. Or, you may take your group to a restaurant. Be sure you overestimate (add 10%) to ensure you have enough food. Provide a second or third menu choice. While most dinners allow the guest to choose between steak and seafood or chicken, have a vegan, gluten-free option available. Be sure you collect the menu requests well before the night of the meal.


You may choose to have beer and wine served or to have an open bar during your reception dinner. Some businesses opt for a “dry” event. If you select an open bar, limit your options and have a set time that the bar closes.

You will find Denver a perfect venue for your next business meeting. Visit for more information.