Rafting and Zipline Deals for 2016
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Rafting and Zipline Deals for 2016

Whitewater Rafting in Colorado

rafting dealsI know, you see the snow falling and you’re polishing your favorite mode of snow transportation, but don’t forget the feeling of basking in the sun and enjoying the great outdoors in the unforgettable Rocky Mountains. Whether it’s zipping through the air or rocking the raging rapids, Colorado Rafting has what you need to feed the adrenaline bug! Here are some deals for “next” season, so start planning now to pay the least and enjoy the most..

50% off Rafting on any raft/zip package at our Granite outpost
That’s right, a legendary rafting and zipping excursion at a fraction of the price! If you book early season, you can get half off the rafting portion of your trip. So as you are enjoying the trip, stop by a local restaurant in Kremmling, Idaho Springs, or Buena Vista and enjoy a cold one with all that money you saved!

15% off Fall Zipline in Idaho Springs
Book now and receive 15% off any fall zip line. This deal is a great way to enjoy zip lining at a completely new level, and make sure you check out that snow as you zip down the cliff.

Black Friday: BOGO 50% off all AVA run trips
Attention all shoppers: Here’s your chance to get a sweet deal for the 2016 season as you jump online and book your adventure. Avoid the crowds and do the right thing by enjoying the great outdoors!

zipline dealsCyber Monday: 20% off all AVA run trips (ONLINE BOOKING ONLY)
Get that laptop out and don’t have “a case of the Monday’s” as you book on Monday to say 20% off any AVA run trip. You just beat Monday!!

Groups Discount at its finest: Save even more with a large group discount. Check out these great savings for your big party below:
15% on groups of 10-19, 20% on groups of 20-49, 3 and 30% on groups of 50 and Up (no Fridays or Saturdays for higher discount) Normal group discount still applies.

So, you have no excuse now not to continue your amazing adventure of the winter straight into the spring, summer and fall. Head over to our Deals for promo codes, expiration dates and exclusions. Come out and enjoy the Centennial State and all its glory! See ya there!