Rafting the Colorado River in October
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Rafting the Colorado River in October

fall foliage along a river

If you think whitewater rafting is only for summer, think again! The Upper Colorado River is a great river to take that rafting boat or kayak on during the fall season. Here are just a couple reasons why taking a rafting trip on the Colorado River in October is a great way to spend an autumn day with family.  

fall on the colorado river

Fall Foliage 

A big reason why you should go rafting on the Colorado River in October is the scenery. The mountains, plains and vegetation along the Colorado River is breathtaking and the colors in October are show stopping. Of course, the higher the elevation, the more impressive the scenery! For instance, in Kremmling, Colorado, near the Colorado River’s headwaters at close to 7,300 feet in elevation, the fall foliage draws crowds from around the world. Rafting the Upper Colorado River is open through October with plenty of opportunities to see these impressive colors for yourself. 

the upper colorado river

Legendary Waters 

The Colorado river got its name because the “Colorado” in the river’s name is spanish for the “color red,” referring to the river’s muddy color flowing through the canyons in Arizona and Utah, but “Colorado” was just the final name in the long line of labels for this amazing river over the years. The Colorado River makes for great rafting due to it being the 47th longest river in the world and one of the deepest, with an average depth of around 20 feet; the deepest section being around 85 feet deep. What’s more, the Colorado River runs through eleven U.S. National Park and has infamous whitewater rapids.  

rafting on the Colorado River

World-Renowned Rapids 

The Colorado river is world-renowned for its legendary whitewater rapids, some of the largest whitewater in North America froths deep within the canyons of Utah and Arizona. You can raft 225 miles including 73 rated rapids on the Colorado river making a tour you will never forget. It does get a little chillier in October, therefore you will have to plan on attire. You are always told to stray away from cotton material and to stick to polyester fabrics! This is always the best option when whitewater rafting. You must wear shoes that are secure, as well as a life vest! Certain companies do provide wet suits and splash jackets to be worn when going whitewater rafting, and this is always recommended when rafting in the fall months. The weather outside may not be that chilly, but the temperatures do get very low at night so it is super important to note the water will be cold. 

While rafting is super popular during the summer days, you are truly missing out if you don’t go at least once in October. AVA Rafting & Zipline offers a gorgeous full day float trip in Kremmling, Colorado, during the month of October, which is an experience you do not want to miss. The Aspen trees have changed colors so you can raft down the river while soaking in the amazing yellow and orange colors. The Colorado River holds memories you will carry with you forever. 


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