Record High Water Year for Whitewater Rafting
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Record High Water Year for Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting

Did you know that the snowpack in Colorado this year is breaking records? After a strong winter, the snowy and cold spring has left us with a ton of snow left to melt into Colorado’s rivers. What does this mean for Colorado whitewater rafting? Well, a lot of things. It means our rivers are going to rock! There is going to be some phenomenal whitewater rafting this year. But to us at AVA, we consider ourselves the leaders of our industry, so we’re creating proactive strategies right now to address how to provide our guests with the safest and most appropriate rafting trips on our Arkansas River rafting trips and Clear Creek rafting trips, which will in all likelihood be the most affected. Stay tuned as we see how quickly (or slowly, preferrably) Mother Nature fills our rivers …