Horseback ridingIn today’s hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget about one of America’s favorite pastimes, a good ole horseback ride. I’m not talking about the Kentucky Derby here..I’m talking about taking a step back to simpler times and strapping on a saddle and re-connect to nature the way it was intended! Colorado has so many amazing vistas, and breathtaking views it’s crazy not to explore these life changing opportunities and why not try it on the back of one of the most amazing animals in the world? So, check out these places below to realize your potential. Yee Haw!

Breckenridge Stables – Breckenridge, CO

On a Breckenridge Stables trail ride, you’ll spend approximately an hour and a half exploring the beautiful Breckenridge scenery between Peaks 9 and 10 on the Ten Mile range above Breckenridge. You will experience river crossings, beaver ponds and breathtaking panoramic views of the Continental Divide. If you ever have skied or snowboarded over these unreal peaks you know what kind of experience it is. Locals say the summer is even more stunning, (shh, don’t tell anyone!) so here’s your chance to do something you will never forget at one of the greatest ski and horseback resorts you could ever imagine.


Mt. Princeton Trail rides – Buena Vista, CO

Whoa Boy!!…just getting you ready …but Whoa Boy is it amazing out here. Take a ride on one of Americas most incredible riding trails as you trot through the snow capped Collegiate Peaks. This setting is truly what “riding fences” is all about. This family event is great for all ages and skill levels. This stunning location also includes sunset rides, waterfall rides, and even hay rides. Just think of the stories those Horses can tell! /


Horseback ridingAlrighty then, now that we are ready and geared up, put your 10 gallon hat and best boots on and Saddle Up! Being in Colorado you truly should take advantage of these amazing experiences via horseback that the Centennial state has to offer. Take advantage, unplug and enjoy!