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River Cleanup!

On May 20th, rafting companies who run on Clear Creek in Idaho Springs teamed up to help each other and clean up the river for everyone to enjoy. Throughout the years, the river gets polluted with everything from water bottles to large pieces of metal that make for an unhealthy river. With the teamwork from competing rafting companies, we are trying to combat the pollution in order to offer river runners the best rafting experience possible. With the help from some awesome sponsors including Two Brothers Deli, Tommyknockers Brewery, Smokin’ Yards BBQ, and The Idaho Springs Lumber Company, we were able to include the local community in our efforts.

The Board of County Commissioners even offered us a 50% discount on our dumping fee which we hope to increase the next time we have another event like this. We are also looking to grow the number of companies and people that can help with cleaning up our rivers. It’s not just boaters who can benefit from having a clean river but fishers, local companies, and the greater population can all benefit.

Photographers include Jessica Marsan and Kathleen Bonk.

Thanks to everyone for their help and support!