River Fees: What are they?
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River Fees: What are they?

Whitewater Rafting River Fees Information

So you are going rafting, eh?

Well just like National Parks require entrance and camping fees, rivers have river fees associated with them!


What is a river fee you may ask?

Each river has a governing body, whether it is the AHRA, or the ROL they essentially control access to the river. Each governing body controls access to the river by managing the various put-ins and take-outs. Whether you are rafting and boating privately or commercially, river fees allow you to launch at different put-ins and allow easy access off the river through take-outs. After high water and storms, trees and other obstacles often block normally run lines. The river fees help pay for the removal of these strainers. Additionally, these state issued river fees help maintain the put-ins and take-outs and help keep the river clean.


Why care?

With June being National Rivers Month now is the time to show how much we love our planet’s most valuable resource. Grab a paddle, pay your fees and come rafting!


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