Rafting season is winding down as the summer months are laying way to a crisp, colorful autumn. Still looking for a thrill before the snow comes and Colorado turns into a winter wonderland? Look no further than the Idaho Springs zipline course located 40 minutes west of Denver. The course will run 2-3 trips on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays thru November 30th, and possibly even longer!

zipliningThough Colorado is known for its snowy, sunny winters and beautiful, breathtaking summers, fall is one of the most spectacular times to experience “Colorful Colorado”. The leaves change as the temperature drops and Mother Nature begins to unleash her wintery fury. There is no better way to experience autumn in Colorado then by taking a trip on our Idaho Springs zipline.

The course consists of six different zips, each of different length and grade of steepness. Each different zip line is a new experience! The course zips and sweeps guests over the Clear Creek Canyon as well as Chicago Creek. The scenery and views are unparalleled, showing visitors a new way to experience the awesome state of Colorado. Views of the town of Idaho Springs, the creek, the mines and more are some of the visual highlights of this journey. The zipline course will take all guests, ages 7 and over between 50 and 250 pounds. It is also encouraged for guests to wear bright colors, so that photographs taken will be able to “pop” against the fall colors. Don’t miss what could be the last chance of the season to participate in this exhilarating, scenic, high-adrenaline activity!

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