Siang River, India Experience the mystique of Himalayan India, the intimate secrets of a little-known Indo-Tibetan culture, the thrill of whitewater exploration, and the comfort of world class service with Global Descents! The Siang is known as the Tsang-Po in Tibet and after it merges with the Lohit and the Dibang in Assam it becomes the Brahmaputra. The river is steeped in legend and history. Only recently opened to foreigners, the remote north-eastern province of Arunachal Pradesh provides the backdrop for our 10-day expedition. And an expedition it is in every sense of the word! This legendary river-system was only fully explored in 2003 by a team of National Geographic-sponsored kayakers. We begin our descent of the Siang just inside the border with Tibet. Many villagers in this region have only seen pictures of foreigners, let alone rafts, kayaks, lifejackets, and helmets. It is not unusual to see members of the Mishmi tribe with their ornamental, feathered head-dresses carrying hatchets known as “daos”. This is tribal India, and a Global Descents expedition down the Siang is the only way to explore it! The Siang River Expedition mixes action-packed whitewater with pristine pools, scenic side hikes, and captivating culture. We begin our expeditions with a flight to Dibrugarh, Assam, followed by a ferry ride up the Brahmaputra, and a road trip to the put-in town of Yingkiong, overlooking the Siang. High altitude tea-plantations, hikes, and cultural immersion are all on the menu. A seven-day rafting trip from Yingkiong to Pasighat ensues, plunging through exciting rapids and maneuvering through magnificent hydraulics. Our Siang River Expedition culminates in an escorted ferry-ride across the massive main-Brahmaputra to the Assamese town of Dibrugarh. Here guests catch dream-laden return flights to New Delhi. Siang river trips are available November through April, with the ideal season being the months of November and December. Visit the Global Descents web site for more info, trip itinerary and pricing.