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Valentine ’s Day is right around the corner! From our perspective, everyone has that special someone in their life that deserves an awesome experience one in while, so planning is very important. With spring and summer approaching us quickly, Valentine’s Day may be a great time to start planning your upcoming adventures. Surprise your Valentine now with a summer adventure from AVA Rafting & Ziplining that they won’t forget.

Sure roses and chocolates are awesome but roses will wilt and chocolates will get eaten.An epic day for the two of you will create lasting memories and you can't do much better than that.
Our advice for planning Valentine’s is to plan as earlier as possible and  to give your loved one a gift that your valentine will never forget.  Here at AVA we offer rafting, kayaking, ziplining, hot air balloon rides and so much more. Doing one of these adventures will bring you and your valentine closer for sure!

Rafting can be done in a lot of a different states but Colorado offers some of the best rafting in the country. Here at AVA we provide rafting on three different rivers including the Arkansas River, Clear Creek and the Colorado. Are you and your valentine new to the river scene or rafting maniacs? Don’t worry just bring your own shoes and we will do the rest, except raft for you!  We offer trips from beginner to intermediate trips.

A great example of a fun day trip for two is kayaking, swimming and jumping off some cliffs with us on the Upper Colorado! Spend a whole day with your honey and relax and wind down with the beautiful Colorado scenery and fun filled river trip. You are sure to never forget this beautiful trip. With endless fun options on the Upper C you will start a new valentine’s tradition by giving your Valentine a trip every year.

Other options from AVA include a hot air balloon ride or horseback riding! AVA offers endless possibilities so you are sure to find the adventure that’s right for you. Treat yourself and your valentine this year to something special.

Have a great Valentine’s Day friends!


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