When looking to plan your next awesome summer adventure, consider the 3 “R’s” of Arkansas Valley Adventures:  Rafting, Rock Climbing, and Rappelling.  What could be more exciting than rappelling your way down to the raging Arkansas River below to whitewater raft her infamous rapids, completing your adventure by climbing your way up some of the valley’s most beautiful rock formations? Arkansas Valley Adventures (AVA) offers all three of these activities in one convenient location near central Colorado’s town of Buena Vista.  Buried deep in the Rocky Mountains, this location is sure to offer gorgeous views no matter which “R” activity you choose.

If you’re looking for the most adrenaline inducing weekend AVA has to offer, consider the Gauntlet + Rappel to jump start your adventure. Hang over the edge of the canyon and inch yourself by way of rope down to the waiting rafts below.  Once you’ve caught your breath, prepare to take on some of the highest class rapids the Arkansas River has to offer.  Paddle your way through the notorious Pine Creek section with help from one of AVA’s knowledgeable raft guides.  Break for a riverside hot fajita lunch, but don’t get too comfortable; the Class IV section of the Numbers is just up ahead. 

rappellingWhen you’ve successfully navigated your way through and are finally catching your breath, you’ll want to feed your rumbling belly with AVA’s barbecue style dinner back at the outpost.  Camp on site for the night and make sure to get plenty of shut eye because tomorrow you’ll be working your forearms rock climbing.  Our guides will assist you in all the basics of rock climbing from proper form to setting anchors.  Soon, you’ll be making your way up various formations and learning the basics of rappelling.  When you’ve returned for the day, you’ll have time to participate in ziplining, horseback riding, fly fishing, or a much needed nap.

To schedule these 3 “R’s” of Arkansas Valley Adventures, visit the AVA trip finder.  Interested in other activities? Call AVA at 877-RAFTING and let an agent help you plan your adventure of a lifetime.