The Wyldride: The Perfect Father's Day Present
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The Wyldride: The Perfect Father’s Day Present

Father's Day Whitewater Rafting Trip

Are you looking for an exciting Father’s Day present aside from the usually tie and golf ball set? Perhaps the adventure of a lifetime will grab dear old Dad’s attention. AVA’s “Wyldride” rafting trip will allow for some serious bonding time as you and Dad paddle side by side down Class IV rapids.


The “Wyldride” is a unique trip that takes place on the Arkansas River’s notorious Numbers section. In a much smaller 9-foot raft, there is only room for you, Dad, and your guide.  This allows for more maneuverability through the technical rapids the Numbers has to offer. Riding in a “lemon” lets you get a full feel of the powerful river underneath and is sure to give Dad an adrenaline rush.  Your guide will take you through alternative lines and channels otherwise not raftable in a full size boat. Paddling this stretch of river is no easy task and will test both you and Dad’s physical ability. With approximately 9 miles of whitewater dropping 75 feet each mile, you and Dad are sure to have a heart pumping, exhilarating, physically demanding day.


Not sure if Dad can handle all that the “Wyldride” has to offer? Try a regular rafting trip on the Numbers section or consider a Class III trip on the Browns Canyon stretch of the Arkansas River.  Looking for something even more exciting? Consider the Class V rapids of the Pine Creek section or an advanced full day Class V trip called “The Gauntlet.” Either way, when you and Dad are finished with your adventure, consider catching a hot chicken fajita lunch or grilled dinner at AVA’s Granite Outpost or even schedule a half-day zipline tour. You could even make a weekend out of your trip by staying at AVA’s on-site camping area at the Outpost. Still can’t decide what the perfect Father’s Day present will be? Check out AVA’s website at or call our AVA office at 877-RAFTING. The agents at AVA will be more than happy to help you plan the perfect trip that both you and Dad will never forget.


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