This just in: now the real work begins…
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This just in: now the real work begins…

HB 1188 passed the Judiciary Committee Monday night 7-3. Now it goes to the full state House of Representatives!

Dear Outfitters & Friends:   (2/10/10)

Quick Update and request for action:   House Bill 1188 the River Outfitters Viability Act,  to keep Colorado’s rivers open for business NOW heads to the full Colorado State House of Representatives for a Vote, potentially in the next couple days.

Please take a moment and make some quick phone calls to the key Legislators who will be voting on the House Floor later this week.

Ask them to vote YES on HB 1188.

Please  distribute this request for action to your *lists*  – staff, customers, friends and family.

Consider adding your own personal message to them… about your involvement, why you care and your need for their help and action right now.

All of our futures to run Colorado rivers hangs in a balance.

Who to Call right now to Ask for their YES vote on HB 1188  is listed below!

Please contact me for additional information, Monica   970-417-8007, [email protected]


HELP KEEP COLORADO RIVER’S OPEN FOR BUSINESS & FUN,   YES on House Bill 1188, River Outfitters Viability Act

Please Call/contact these key Legislators below in support of HB 1188 Right Now!

( even if you are not in their district it’s OK to contact them… we need to leave them lots of messages! )

Please ASK them to vote YES on HB 1188 :  (phone calls into legislators is the  #1 priority)  [ if you have additional time send them a quick followup email ]

Key Legislators:

Rep. Ellen Roberts, 303-866-2914,  [email protected]  (Archuleta, La Plata, Montezuma, San Juan counties)

Rep. BJ Nikkel 303-866-2907        [email protected],     (Ft Collins. Larimer)

Rep. Jim Riesberg  303-866-2929       [email protected]     ( Weld county)

Rep. Cheri Gerou   303-866-2582      [email protected]    (jeffco)

Rep. Frank McNulty   303-866-2936     [email protected]    (Douglas county)

Rep. Scott Tipton 303-866-2955            [email protected]   (Delta,Dolores,Montezuma,Montrose,Ouray,San Miguel counties)

Sample Phone script (and email)  to legislator/s:

HI this is ____________ .   (identify yourself, private boater, business owner, or that you’re employed by ____ business, river enthusiast)

I would like to ask you to vote  Yes  on House Bill 1188 the Colorado River Outfitters Viability Act  on the House Floor.

THIS legislation is crucial to keeping  Colorado’s Rivers open for business and fun.  I hope we can count on your vote for the future of river recreation in Colorado. This river running is an important sector of the tourism and outdoor recreation industry.

(Add a personal note about your perspective, business and why this is good for Colorado’s economic future and or you local community)

Thank you _____ (leave ur name and #)


Background: Commercial river running contributed $142 million to Colorado’s economy last year and more than 500,000 people enjoyed our scenic rivers. Yet, the ability to provide commercial river running is under threat because out-of-state developers want to prohibit licensed river outfitters from providing trips on historically rafted rivers. The 2010 River Outfitters Viability Act protects Colorado’s tourism industry by clarifying the rights of commercial guides to operate on Colorado’s historically run rivers.

HB 1188 passed 7-3 out of the House Judiciary Committee on Monday 2/8/10  now it heads to the full Colorado House of Representatives for a vote. Call today!

We need your help to keep Colorado’s river’s open for business for more information and background please visit:  under membership

Additional action info at

Monica Piergrossi

Western Voices Public Affairs & Media

[email protected]