Three Tips for Rafting with Kids
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Three Tips for Rafting with Kids

Tips for Whitewater Rafting with Kids

Rafting with KidsTaking any trip or adventure with children can be an incredible and fulfilling experience for both the kids and parents alike.  However, it is often difficult to plan activities when there are a variety of ages involved.  Children have various needs and interests that need to be tended to.  Often, parents will shy away from high adventure activities such as whitewater rafting for fear that their children will not have an enjoyable time.  Arkansas Valley Adventures (AVA) believes that this doesn’t have to be the case and offers these three tips for rafting with kids that will create an awesome experience for the whole family.

The first tip is to research which trip is suitable for your children’s’ ages.  A Class V Pine Creek trip that harvests the potential of swimming is probably not the best choice for your fearful 12 year old.  However, a more mellow Class III Brown’s Canyon trip offers up plenty of excitement with less risk and less paddling.  Even mellower yet are the Class I-II float trips offered on the Upper Colorado.  The only requirement: weighing at least 30 pounds.  Researching these trips via AVA’s website or by calling an agent at 877-RAFTING will help parents to know exactly what they are getting into prior to arriving.

Rafting with KidsThe second tip is to dress for the occasion.  Nothing can ruin a rafting trip more than uncomfortable clothing and a mean sunburn.  AVA recommends wearing either a bathing suit or dry fit clothing on your trip.  The kids should wear comfortable shoes that won’t fall off.  Be sure to slather sunscreen on all exposed areas.  This includes hands and they will be gripping a paddle and will spend much time glimmering in the sun.

The third and final trip is to get the kids excited! Whitewater rafting is an awesome family activity.  Have the kids come prepared for a great time.  AVA guides are some of the best in the business and are sure to fill your children’s heads with rafting knowledge, paddling techniques, and stories from the locals.  Despite which trip you choose, everyone in your family is sure to arrive back home with an awesome and memorable experience that will last a lifetime.


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