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Tips for Picking the Right Rafting Trip for your Family

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Rafting is a great summer adventure that the whole family can enjoy! Whether you are first time paddlers, or long time whitewater enthusiasts there are trips for everyone. However, knowing which trip to pick for the family can prove difficult. Fortunately for you, the experts here at AVA are here to help! Take a look below for some tips on how to pick the right rafting trip for your family.

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Tip #1

Figure out who the youngest paddler will be. Many rafting trips have age limits depending on the section you want to raft.  By knowing who the youngest rafter will be it will be easier for you to find an appropriate trip.

Tip #2

Ask yourself and your family members what kind of fitness level you are all at? Are you looking for some hardworking intense paddling, or are you maybe looking for a more mellow experience? We usually ask if you are able to run a mile for our more intense trips such as The Gauntlet, so keep that in mind as a good benchmark. In any case, thinking about how much paddling you want to do is going to determine the level of intensity of your trip.

Tip #3

Talk to your group about how long you want to raft during the day. If you on the fence about half day vs. full day vs. overnights it can be difficult to know what to pick. When rafting with young kids it is always better to error on the side of caution and do a half day. That way if the little ones get tuckered out you won’t ruin their taste towards the river. You can also plan on ziplining in the afternoon to get an extra thrill and shake up your activities!

By picking the appropriate trip for you and your family you can dramatically increase your chances of pleasing everyone in the group! AVA has  trips of all lengths and levels available so you will be sure to find the perfect rafting trip for you and your family!