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What Guests Said About Their Trip With AVA This Year

Rafting with Kids in Colorado

As Labor Day approaches we like to look back on the summer and reminise on the days filled with rapids, zipline and adventure. Here are some of the kind words from this summer's guests as they looked back on their trip with AVA Rafting and Zipline.

Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to Ken our raft guide and Jeff another guide on our trip who did a great job! My husband is a paraplegic in a wheelchair, and although he is in amazing shape we still needed assistance into the raft and onto the bus. These guys made everything go smoothly and made us feel very comfortable, yet not “over handled”. The trip was as advertised and we had a very enjoyable time with some family that came in from Michigan. We live locally in Breckenridge and will recommend it to others that come to visit us 🙂
– Clarice S

Amazing Day!

“First time rafting for us and it excellent! AVA Rafting exceeded my expectations and Miles our guide was even better. Our experience with AVA from making reservations to pulling the rafts out of the water was nothing but positive. I was a little nervous (as was my husband) with the water being so fast and high early in the season but Miles eased the pain with his knowledge and expertise. He is not only highly skilled in the water but is also an expert on Arkansas Valley history. We learned so much to today learning to raft and about the area. Thank you for making our first rafting trip such amazing experience!! We will definitely be back again this summer!”
– laratoney | Parker, CO

Amazing Time on the River

“Our family of 5 agreed that this was the highlight of our trip to Colorado. Our guide Ken was knowledgeable about the river and made our kids ranging from 5 to 10 comfortable and excited about the experience. The route we took was challenging enough for our family to be engaged in the whole trip which was perfect for our level of experience, which is none. It was capped off by a 30 foot optional cliff jump which my 8 year old will talk about for the rest of his life. I would not hesitate to recommend AVA and their staff to anyone.”
– Robert A

Fun Filled Day for the Family!!

“We used AVA Rafting in Idaho Springs for a full day of ziplining, and rafting. We had all been rafting before, but chose a beginners route and had a great time. Our rafting guide, Garrett, was great. Super knowledgeable, friendly, and a lot of fun. Our ziplining guides, Dillon and Tony did a great job helping everyone of all comfort levels (a few were a bit nervous about the height), made everyone feel comfortable, and we all made it to the bottom very happy. All three guys, and the company as a whole were great! I would definitely recommend using them, and will be booking with them again in the future. Thanks AVA Rafting!”

– amatthews1391 | Fort Collins, CO

Highlight of our trip! I'd choose the same rafting company next time, too.

This was the most fun thing we did in our 9 days in CO. Our family of 4 (son age 15, daughter aged 13) did the full day Brown's Canyon Whitewater Rafting trip with Colin as our guide, and Jake guiding the other boat. Highly recommend Colin, who was funny in a rascal-y way throughout while also educational and very safety-conscious. AVA stood out for having the guides as well as the clients wear helmets, (other companies did not have guides in helmets) and also for having capable kayakers accompany the rafts in case of trouble. The water level was at 3000 feet so the rapids were only about Class III. Since two of the four of us had never white-water rafted before, this was fine with us (but I would have felt happy to have also had some Class IV had that been the case). What a beautiful, Old-West way to see the landscape. I am not very athletic and am middle-aged and did not have sore anything at the end.

The food was good and I really appreciated Jake reminding people without being asked, not to use the Serving Spoon for the meat dish in the vegetarian dish (we had the vegetarian with us). A couple moments still make me chuckle, as when Colin pretended to be apologetic when he maneuvered us past a clump of slow rafts. “We're so fast” he shrugged helplessly.”

– Latie | Baltimore, MD

Exciting day of zip lining and rafting. 

“We started our day zip lining with two awesome guides in the morning and were lucky to only have 4 of in the entire group! The guides were awesome at explaining everything and taking you through it. I loved how the lines were placed on the mountainside, making the scenery amazing. The free fall jump is a great thrill and I suggest you don't skip it. Zip lining was the perfect warm up for rafting in the afternoon. We took a break at a brewery in town for a nice lunch. Prior to rafting we were given the safety talk with practice of paddling techniques. When we went the water was fast and high so it was a very intense ride and made the intermediate seemed advanced! With our guides help we worked as a team to make it through safely. Be prepared to be cold and wet! I highly suggest this company. They have a well run machine, highly trained employees, and great facilities. Excited to try it again!”
– Alicia B

Bachelor Party Zip Lining

“Nine bros taking a break from the prototypical bachelor party debauchery in Denver rented a conversion van and made their way to Idaho Springs… and so it went. Zip lining was awesome. A special thanks to Jackie and Bailey for putting up with our childish chicanery… and for keeping us alive! Great trip!”
– evilmosquito | Baltimore, MD


All entries were taken directly from our various TripAdvisor page and have not been edited, added to or had anything removed.