What is appropriate zip line gear?
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What is appropriate zip line gear?

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Now that you’ve decided you want to try Colorado zip lining, you’re probably wondering what to expect.  What should you wear?  What should you bring?  What will be provided for you?  One of the best parts about zip lining with AVA is that almost all of the gear is provided for you!  Some basic preparation will have you zip lining from cliff to cliff in no time.  AVA’s goal is to let you focus on the fun of zip lining rather than worrying about a bunch of complicated equipment.  Our friendly and knowledgeable guides are ready to take care of the difficult parts while you enjoy zip after exhilarating zip!

zip line gear

What to wear:

  • Close-toed, sturdy shoes.  Plan on wearing sneakers or hiking boots.
  • Long pants, capris, or knee-length shorts.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses

Don’t wear:

  • Baggy clothing that could get tangled
  • Sandals, Crocs or water shoes
  • Dangly jewelry

Optional but recommended:

  • A small camera (must fit in a pocket and have a wrist strap)
  • Rain gear in case of weather
  • Money (for souvenirs or to tip your guide)

We also recommend securing long hair in a ponytail and taping any body piercings. Planning ahead and bringing these basic items will ensure that you are comfortable and carefree when you head out onto the zip line course.  Now that you’re packed and ready to go, here’s what AVA will provide for you: A helmet:

  • We want you to stay as safe and comfortable as possible.  Every person will be outfitted with a helmet before heading out the zip lining course.  We offer a range of helmet sizes, and each helmet can be adjusted to fit your head.

A harness:

  • We’ll provide you with a harness that will keep you attached to the zip line when you are zip lining and attached to the platform when you are not.  The harness is the most technical piece of equipment that you’ll have to wear, but don’t worry!  Your guides will walk you through exactly how to put it on and adjust it so it is snug.  Your harness will have straps and carabiners attached to it that can be clipped to the zipline and to the platform ensuring that you are safe even when you are 100 feet off the ground!  Your guides will take care of clipping and unclipping you between each zip.


  • You’ll wear leather gloves to protect your hands when braking.  Your guides will demonstrate proper braking technique before you start zip lining.  The gloves come in a range of sizes so you’ll be able to find a pair that fits.

Once you are outfitted with proper gear, you’ll be free to enjoy the Colorado zip lining experience.  You’ll have plenty of time to focus on the thrill of flying through the trees and rocky outcroppings, rather than worrying about your safety.  In addition to equipment, you will also have two or more professional guides ready to assist with your gear, answer your questions, and show you the basics of zip lining.  They will work hard to make sure you have a safe and rewarding zip line tour!