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What Makes a Deluxe Trip Deluxe

Colorado Whitewater Rafting Trips

We offer a outrageous number of fantastic adventures so sometimes it is hard to pinpoint what kind of trip you want do. One of the most interesting type of trips we offer are deluxe trips. Basically deluxe trips mean you do not have to choose– we take care of all of details for you!

package tripsDeluxe means you get to do a little bit of everything. From rafting to zip lining we can set you up with the ultimate rafting, camping and zip lining experience. If you want to enjoy an overnight on the river, we can add zip lining to the package and make it deluxe. All of our deluxe trips happen in Granite, CO at our outpost there.

We offer three different deluxe overnights dependent on your ability level and how many nights you want to enjoy. First of all, we have the 24 Hours in Brown’s Deluxe trip. It is a one day, one night class three trip for beginners and intermediate rafters. On this trip you check in at 12pm on a  Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday and stay for 24 hours total. 24 Hours in Browns offers dinner, breakfast and lunch prior to ziplining!

package tripsOur  next overnight trip at our Granite,CO outpost is the Two Day Advanced Deluxe Trip. The Two Day Advanced is a two day, one night class three and four trip. The check in is at 7am and this trip runs Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday for a total of 30 hours on the river. You will be provided lunch, dinner, breakfast and even a snack. The Two Day Advanced runs through Brown’s Canyon and then does the Numbers/Narrows portion of the Arkansas River.

The last deluxe trip we offer on the Arkansas River is the Mild To Wild Deluxe. This is the best of the best in the rafting world. The Mild to Wild is our three day trip where you check in at 8am. These are available to put in on Tuesdays and Saturdays. On this trip you start at Narrows running through Browns Canyon. But the amazing part of this trip is that it includes duckies, rock climbing and rappelling with ziplining after the time on the river! Not only do you get to camp but you get to experience everything AVA has to offer!

Don’t worry about not having fun with our deluxe options you won’t regret any part of your trip! Remember all you have to do is add zip lining to one of our awesome overnights listed above and you will experience a deluxe experience like no other!